How to identify Teak Wood?

How to identify Teak Wood?

Teak is a tropical hardwood and most popular among the furniture makers. The wood items that will last the longest in wet conditions are the Teak items, like the teak block bench. Teak wood is denser and last longer outdoors, but it still needs maintenance to keep up its appearance.

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This blog tries to answer all those queries.

Qualities of a teak wood and how can you tell if it is teak wood?

Straight grains: Classic lines expose the natural grain of the logs. Color ranges from medium to dark Golden Oak and brown tones that will darken as the wood ages.

Durability: Its ability to withstand pressure and remain functional without the need of excessive maintenance or repair are the natural properties of teak wood.

Weight: Teak wood is always going to weigh on the heavier side as compared to normal particle boards. If it feels light, it is probably not teak wood.

You must consider the above mentioned physical characteristics when buying teak wood furniture.

How to maintain teak wood furniture?

Unlike other types of wood, teak wood requires very little maintenance. Teak is deemed by many to be the gold standard for decay resistance also resistant to termites.

You can either do routine cleaning or once a year is recommended to keep the furniture shining and new.

Dry Dusting: Remove any dust particles with a normal cleaning brush or a cloth.

Soap Water: A simple procedure would be to use soap water to clean it which will keep it in top condition and great looking.

Washing: Avoid washing it with a high water pressure. If the water reaches inside the cracks, it will reduce the strength as well as make it less good looking.

How to polish teak wood furniture at home?

Be sure to clean the teak furniture before you apply any oil.

Over time the oiled surface can be refreshed by cleaning and then applying a light coat of neutral natural wood oil or a clear natural wax.

To maintain luster, use a spray on furniture polish with a
citrus base.

With these tips, you should now be more confident when making a teak wood item purchase.

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