Natural Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes

Pure Tung Oil is water and alkali resistant. It resists marring, penetrates well, is elastic and unlikely to check. Tung oil builds quickly, consolidates the wood surface and builds a transparent matte finish. Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers and has a light nutty odor. Tung Oil is pressed from the nuts of Tung tree is known also as China wood oil and nut oil. The oil is still known in some circles as "China wood oil". Tung Oil is an ideal "binder" or "vehicle", carrying the resins and dryers deep into the pores of the wood so that sealer and finish coats practically become part of the wood - drying into an armor-like yet beautiful surface. The thin, transparent oil penetrates deep into wood pores, forming an almost permanent seal against moisture because it never loses its elasticity. Tung Oil is the world's oldest and best wood preservative. Tung Oil offers a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasions and wear. The look is natural, hand-rubbed, classic; perfect for fine furniture. We use Tung Oil on outdoor furniture made from Framed Teak to obtain a Golden teak finish that creates a water repellant, UV resistant, and food safe surfaces

Highly water resistant and food safe finish. These natural oils are translucent so the wood grain detail is highlighted. No oily feel and cannot bleed into carpets as it contains natural lacs. Natural lacs rise to the surface after the oil soaks into the wood and dry to create a hard surface that can be polished sealing the surface

Natural wood products have variations in texture and finish color due to the underlying natural wood tones, viewable through the translucent oil. Your item will not look exactly like image on web site – no two are alike. The color will vary from the pictures depicted for every piece. The oil is the same color tone but the underlying wood color of the piece it is going on varies. These tropical woods have mold blooms that create dark stains. Color variations and small cracks are not a valid return reason The handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in color, size and design. If buying two of the same items, differences should be expected. Color discrepancies will occur between the product and your computer screen

Natural with or without Wax

All wood products can be produced sanded and ready for a finish by special order. Alternately we can hand rub in a white or clear wax to protect the surface but allow the natural wood to show.

Teak Oil
Pure teak Oil - squeezed locally from the nuts of the teak tree with no modifiers added Teak oil will evaporate over time and to keep the same look must be applied seasonally depending on the placement of the piece. Outdoors the sun's UV will dry the oil faster and it must be applied more often. It is mainly used for protection during initial transportation of the product and allowed to evaporate. The teak wood then develops a gray patina as it weathers and ages outdoors.