Haussmann® Teak Lotus Panel 48 in x 48 in H-1 Sand Washed

Haussmann® Teak Lotus Panel 48 in x 48 in H-1 Sand Washed

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Haussmann® Teak Lotus Panel 48 in x 48 in H-1 Sand Washed

Haussmann® Teak Lotus Panel 48 in x 48 in H-1 Sand Washed

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We are pleased to offer you a stunning alternative to traditional wall art. Our wall panels are exquisite expressions of beauty that will undoubtedly become the centerpieces of any room they grace

A traditional symbol of prosperity, this beautiful lotus panel wall art is sure to bring a wealth of decorative appeal to any space. Hand carved, sanded, stained then waxed by Thai artisans and craftsmen, this absolutely gorgeous piece of art reflects hours of care and attention, resulting in an incredibly intricate, blossoming design. Using reclaimed recycled rough-hewn teak planks from old dwellings and community buildings, craftspeople in Thailand devote hours to hand carve this intricate lotus flower motif on our Lotus Panels. Witness the evolution of style. The awe-inspiring artistry of our Lotus Panel 1 takes home decorating to a whole new level. Make a statement with what you hang on your wall…invite tranquility and superior craftsmanship into your decor. The lotus flower featured in this wall panel symbolizes purity in the Buddhist sense, and as such is a cherished theme

Each functional eco-friendly art piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Each is a Work of Art! Craftspeople from the Chiang Mai area in Northern Thailand create these unique pieces with the simplest of tools
Our Lotus Panel 1 is a marvel of intricacy (At 48 inch x 48 inch x 0.75 in Thick assembled and approximately 30 pounds total)
We use a water based white stain to darken the panels, and then lightly sand the carved surfaces to create brown highlights. Then a natural wax is applied to seal the wood.
The recycled old teak wood is selected to match as close as possible in thickness. Although they do not perfectly match in thickness the design is carved in such a way as to match closely from panel to panel. Each section is about 12 inches wide and comes with two embedded hangers for a protruding screw from your wall

*Please Note* There will be various separations or cracks and color will vary from the pictures depicted for every single piece. No two pieces will match


There will be visible marks from carving, patches from repairs, knot holes, natural inclusions, and worm holes. There will be various separations or cracks on your piece when it arrives. They naturally occurred as the wood was dried. Over time, continued shrinkage will accentuate existing separations or generate new ones. This does not compromise the structural performance or integrity of the wood and is considered inherent to the natural beauty of the design.

Hand made from start to finish. 100% Sustainable eco friendly woods and finishes
Made from sustainable Farmed teak wood
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