Haussmann® Teak Teak Spa Mat ST 28 L x 17 W x 2 in H Teak Oil

Haussmann® Teak Teak Spa Mat ST 28 L x 17 W x 2 in H Teak Oil

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Haussmann® Teak Teak Spa Mat ST 28 L x 17 W x 2 in H Teak Oil

Haussmann® Teak Teak Spa Mat ST 28 L x 17 W x 2 in H Teak Oil

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Use these hand crafted teak wood pieces to set up an indoor or outdoor shower or bathing area. Also great for in home spa set ups and swimming pool rinse off areas. You can allow the teak oil to evaporate over time so the wood turns shades of grey
Teak Spa Mat STRAIGHT at 28 inch Long x 17 inch Wide x 2 inch High finished with a light coat of Teak Oil. Dense Farm teak allows water to flow off easily which is great for spas, pools, and other wet areas where a drip dry comfortable step would be appreciated. Protected and shipped with a light coat of teak oil that may be renewed or allowed to fade to a silver grey while maintaining its strength. Farmed teak only is used on this sturdy mat.

All of these products are made with sustainable farmed teak from the Royal Forestry Department. Farming teak was introduced by royal decree in the 1950’s. At the same time all old growth teak was declared property of the Crown and could not be harvested without permission no matter what land it was growing on. This was due to massive logging being done in conjunction with foreign buyers

Hand rubbed in natural Teak oil that will provide natural protection during transport. Highly water-resistant teak wood and finish

*Please Note* There will be various separations or cracks and color will vary from the pictures depicted for every single piece. No two pieces will match


There will be visible marks from carving, patches from repairs, knot holes, natural inclusions, and worm holes. There will be various separations or cracks on your piece when it arrives. They naturally occurred as the wood was dried. Over time, continued shrinkage will accentuate existing separations or generate new ones. This does not compromise the structural performance or integrity of the wood and is considered inherent to the natural beauty of the design.

Hand made from start to finish. 100% Sustainable eco friendly woods and finishes
Made from sustainable Farmed teak wood
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